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WCUW ~ 910 Main Street ~ Worcester, MA 01610

Studio: 508.753.2284 ~ Office: 508.753.1012

"WCUW is a refreshing change from commercial radio. The variety of music and the knowledge that the show hosts share about the music is a valuable resource. The music is fresh, always different, and exposes the audience to new artists and cultures"....Mary R.

"Great station. The average American has been fooled into thinking that club music, rap, country, and "soft rock" (whatever that is) are the only kind of radio-friendly music out there"... Jd B

Welcome to the internet home of Community Radio WCUW 91.3FM. We are an independent, non-commercial, listener supported radio station serving Worcester County and offering over 90 programs delivered by a volunteer staff of approximately 100 on-air programmers.

We broadcast a unique mix of musical genres, ethnic and cultural programs and alternative news and community information reflecting the interests of our diverse listening audience. Our program schedule includes freeform, folk, rock, jazz, blues, doo-wop, rhythm & blues, classical, roots, reggae and more. Our ethnic programming provides cultural connections for our Irish, Scottish, Italian, Polish, Latino, Indian, Jewish, Albanian, Chinese, and other local communities. We also feature award winning Alternative News and community programs. No where else will you find such a rich mix.

We are radio of the people, by the people and for the people. We are about freedom of the airwaves and diversity of programming. We are WCUW, Worcester.
TWO DAY RECORD SALE Fri. Nov. 20th - Sat. 21st

Friday Nov. 20th from 3 pm to 7 pm / Saturday Nov. 21st from 8:30 am to 2pm

Help keep WCUW 91.3 community radio on the air by coming to the Fall '15 record sale! this year with special live performances by Amazing Dick and Brother Zack & Sister Helen on Friday evening! cheap prices and a great selection of records, cds, books, music/sound equipment, and vintage music stuff! Every penny raised goes directly to keeping WCUW 91.3 on the air!

WHERE can I PARK? Clark University is allowing FREE parking at their facility directly across the street. we will even help you carry your boxes of records to your car!

WHAT kind of PRICES can I expect? Many records are $1 or $2, we even have really high end records at $5 each! And special discounts to WCUW members.

IS there an ADMISSION price? No, admission is FREE, WCUW members and non-members welcome!

WHAT GENRES of records can I expect? Rock-Pop, Country-Folk, Jazz, Classical, Blues, International, Hip-Hop, R&B-Soul, Vintage 78 rpm, all kinds of Box sets, Irish, Hawaiian, Sound Effects, Comedy, Musicals, Soundtracks, Children's, and MORE!!!

Is there ONLY RECORDS for sale? No, we will be selling CD's, music books, really big speakers, music/sound equipment, vintage music stuff and MORE!!!

Taking place in the FRONTROOM of WCUW at 910 Main Street, Worcester, MA.
Award Winning Alternative News Programs
WCUW now features three award winning national alternative news programs to keep you informed of the issues - and whats not being reported.

Democracy Now! is a national, daily, independent, award-winning news program hosted by journalists Amy Goodman and Juan Gonzalez. Pioneering the largest public media collaboration in the U.S., Democracy Now! is broadcast on Pacifica, NPR, community, and college radio stations; on public access, PBS, satellite television and now WCUW, Mon - Fri from 4pm-5pm

Alternative Radio, established in 1986, AR is dedicated to the founding principles of public broadcasting, which urge that programming serve as "a forum for controversy and debate," be diverse and "provide a voice for groups that may otherwise be unheard." The project is entirely independent, sustained solely by individuals who buy transcripts and tapes of programs. Airs Wednesday's noon - 1pm.

Making Contact, produced by National Radio Project, is an award-winning, 29-minute weekly magazine/documentary-style public affairs program heard on over 200 radio stations in the USA, Canada, South Africa and Ireland. Making Contact is committed to in-depth critical analysis that goes beyond the breaking news. Showcasing voices and perspectives rarely heard in mainstream media. Making Contact is broadcast on Thursdays from noon-12:30pm.

CounterSpin is FAIR's weekly radio show, hosted by Janine Jackson, Steve Rendall and Peter Hart. It's heard on more than 125 noncommercial stations across the United States and Canada. CounterSpin provides a critical examination of the major stories every week, and exposes what the mainstream media might have missed in their own coverage. Counterspin airs on Thursday's from 12:30pm-1pm.
Get Involved in Community Radio - Volunteer Today
Don't just sit around listening to WCUW on the radio - get involved and help make it happen! WCUW is always looking for programmers from the community to get involved in all aspects of our operations and secular program production and delivery. Thats what community radio is all about - giving access to members of the local community. If you have a few hours each week or month to contribute to the success of WCUW then just fill out the Volunteer Application Form located on the "Contact Us" page to let us know of your interest and availability and your areas of interest and then we'll be in touch to get you involved.
Have an Idea For a New Program?
We are always on the look-out for suggestions and ideas for exciting new secular programs and content - be it music, news or locally focused content. If you have a suggestion that you've kept to yourself - well now is the time to share it with us at WCUW. Just take a moment to complete the New Program Suggestion Form and we'll take it under consideration.

Schools, Colleges and Universities interested in exploring radio media in conjunction with journalism or media courses are encouraged to contact us.
Program Playlists Online
We're adding more and more programs to our real time online playlist capability so you'll be able to find the name of that great song you just heard. It will take a little time to get them all online but they are coming! CLICK HERE TO VIEW OUR PLAYLISTS
If the current on-air program is entering their play list info it will be displayed in real time. If no data is being entered then no information will be displayed. You can also use the calendar to see what previous shows played on that day. It's a very easy to use and useful feature - all for you our listeners.
WCUW Coverage Map
WCUW 91.3 fm broadcast area includes Worcester County and beyond covering approximately 1200 square miles and potentially reaching hundreds of thousands of listeners.

If you would like to underwrite WCUW programs and reach a targeted audience with your message please contact our business office at 508-753-1012 for more information.
Your Name Etched In Glass Will Live Forever...
The WCUW Fall Membership Drive, officially starts Monday September 14th with a goal of $17.000. If you’re an on-going supporter of WCUW, many thanks. As a first-time donor, you will enjoy “guilt-free” the music and news that you love!

Either way, if your budget will allow a wee bit extra please consider this unique opportunity to show your love of WCUW for decades (centuries?) to come. Have your name, or a company name, inscribed into glass that will then be prominently displayed between our FRONTROOM area and conference/gallery space.

There are two unique opportunities available; have your name etched on a single line for $91.30 or secure an entire side of a decorative glass art block for $500 (up to six lines). Use this larger area to acknowledge your business, favorite program, or even a musician!

As the etched decorative glass block will be placed between our FRONTROOM and conference/gallery, your name/special acknowledgement will be visible to all who travel through WCUW for decades to come! Unique names will grace each side of the glass.

We began this campaign to cover the expense of refurbishing our back entryway and were planning to place the etched glass into the new window being created. But, for better visibility of your commitment to community radio, we’ve decided to place these specially etched decorative glass blocks between our FRONTROOM and conference/gallery area.

Secure your spot via this response card, by calling 508-753-1012 or email to View the video above to see how the etchings are made.


Many thanks to glass etcher, sign maker Bill LeBeau of Airbrush Works for sharing his talent and resources toward this project!

Troy Tyree
Executive Director
WCUW ~ 91.3 FM
Get To Know Us.
All This Is Yours
WCUW Streaming LIVE
WCUW has joined the digital age and is now streaming its broadcast on the net to listeners around the corner or around the world. You are now able to listen to all your favorite shows on your computer while at home or at work over your cable or DSL connection. We've never sounded so good.
Have you ever tried streaming a WCUW program from anywhere in the world that you can make an internet connection- by computer or smart device? It's easy! And there are four different methods or players to choose from. Launch it from our website or facebook page with just a click. Enjoy a CD quality stream that comes directly off our console with no atmospheric interference or noise. Try it today - you'll like. Really.
What is Community Radio?
Community radio is a type of radio service that offers a third model of radio broadcasting beyond commercial and public service. Community stations can serve geographic communities and communities of interest. They broadcast content that is popular to a local/specific audience but which may often be overlooked by commercial or mass-media broadcasters.

Community Radio Stations are operated, owned, and driven by the communities they serve. Community radio is not-for profit and provides a mechanism for facilitating individuals, groups, and communities to tell their own diverse stories, to share experiences, and in a media rich world to become active creators and contributors of media.
FREE Live365 app for your mobile device!
With the FREE Live365 mobile app for your iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, and now the Droid, you can easily carry WCUW 91.3 FM with you anywhere in the world in your shirt pocket or car! Just visit your apps store on your favorite mobile device and download the FREE Live365 app!

WCUW never sounded so good, no matter whether you’re in Harvard Square or the Berkshires!
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