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Program News : In the Tradition 10/16 - The Fiddle Special / Reggie Harris
Posted by Notlob on 2012/10/15 20:17:32 (2291 reads)

7:00pm until 9:00pm

The underlying thread of tonight's program will be fiddle music, in many styles, Towards the beginning the producer of the 8th Annual Massachusetts Fiddle Hell, Dave Reiner. will be my guest by phone. Some of the "underlying thread will be the music from many of the Fiddle Hell's 20 New England instructors.

Held at the Colonial Inn, 48 Monument Square, Concord, MA, USA.Fiddle Hell 2012 will start at noon on Friday, Nov. 2, and last until 6PM on Sunday, Nov. 4. More than 150 scheduled workshops and jams, twice as many as last year, are offered. Workshop and Jam Leaders include these wonderful fiddlers and backup musicians:

Musician Instrument Primary styles
Alan Kaufman - Fiddle - Oldtime (Appalachian), bluegrass and more
Andy Reiner - Fiddle, mandolin - Oldtime, Irish, bluegrass, Cape Breton / Scottish, Scandinavian, world, ...
Anne Hooper - Fiddle - Scottish / Cape Breton, classical
Becky Tracy Fiddle New England, Irish, French Canadian
Bethany Waickman - Guitar, piano - New England and more
Bob Alessio - Fiddle, guitar - New England, oldtime and more
Clayton March Fiddle, clarinet Irish, New England, klezmer and more
Dave Reiner - Fiddle, mandolin - Bluegrass, oldtime, Irish, New England, Western Swing, Texas, swing, klezmer, blues ...
David Kaynor - Fiddle, guitar - New England, Swedish and more
Ellen Carlson - Fiddle - Bluegrass, Canadian, swing, Irish, country, blues and more
Eric Eid-Reiner - Piano - New England, Cape Breton/Scottish, Irish, oldtime, swing, ragtime and more
George Keith - Fiddle - Irish
Hanneke Cassel - Fiddle - Scottish, Finnish, new acoustic, Irish, and more
Jason Anick - Fiddle, mandolin - Swing, jazz, gypsy, bluegrass and more
Jerry Wile - Guitar - Bluegrass, oldtime
John Chambers - Accordion, fiddle - Scandinavian, klezmer, New England, Balkan, Scottish, and everything else
Julie Metcalf - Fiddle - Irish, Oldtime, bluegrass, Texas, jazz, Latin, classical and more.
Mark Simos - Fiddle - Oldtime, Irish, New England, French Canadian, klezmer, new traditional, ...
Marshall Racowsky - Guitar - Texas, swing, Western Swing and more
Matt Glase - Fiddle - Jazz, swing, bluegrass and more
Matt McConeghy - Fiddle - New England and more
Michelle Kaminsky - Fiddle - Cajun, New England, classical, folk and more
Paul Harty - Guitar, fiddle Bluegrass, Irish, New England, colonial, oldtime, blues,
Stacy Phillips - Fiddle - Bluegrass, oldtime, New England, Texas, Western Swing, klezmer and many more
Terri Lukačko - Fiddle - Oldtime and more
Tim Rowell - Banjo - Oldtime and more

More info at

Just after 8pm the one and only Reggie Harris - - will be calling to talk about his and Kim's new album, "Resurrection Day" , on Appleseed Reciords, due to be released on October 30. Reggie has supplied not one but TWO audio files, which will be given their Massachusetts if not world premier.

Traffic - Present figures put the number of victims of human trafficking at about 27 million around the world. It is a billion dollar industry. The two stories here are true and remarkably tame in detail compared to most tales of this inhumanity.

Roll On Woody- In this, the 100th anniversary year of his birth. this is Reggie’s take on the storied troubadour.

Kim and Reggie Harris Biography

Consummate musicians and storytellers, Kim and Reggie Harris combine a strong folk and gospel legacy with a solid background in classical, rock, jazz and pop music. Creative curiosity, years of road and stage experience and interactions with performers such as Pete Seeger, Ysaye Barnwell, Jay Leno, Tom Paxton, Bernice Johnson Reagon, Harry Belafonte and others, has led them to produce music that entertains and inspires.

Born and raised in Philadelphia, PA, a city rich in cultural and musical heritage, Kim and Reggie's early exposure to the diversity of musical styles and genres was nurtured in the schools and churches of their youth.

Audiences at venues such as The Kennedy Center, The Brooklyn Academy of Music, The Smithsonian Institute, Reunion Arena in TX, the Psalm Festival in Graz, Austria, as well as a myriad of theatre arts centers, festivals, universities and schools, have given this inspiring duo standing ovations for their vibrant performances.

As a result of their CDs "Steal Away" and Get On Board" (Appleseed Recordings) and materials developed in their work with the Kennedy Center, Kim and Reggie have earned wide acclaimed for their contributions to the resources and knowledge base - in historical and educational circles - on the Underground Railroad and the modern civil rights movement.

With numerous recordings on the Appleseed Recordings and the Folk Era labels they are also featured on a number of compilations, films and educational projects worldwide.

Kim is presently pursuing a Ph.D. at Union Theological Seminary in NYC and both continue to write, record and produce music as a means to promote creativity, education, social responsibility and understanding in the world community!

Kim and Reggie Harris are dynamic and superbly talented traditional folk performers, whose captivating stage presence and unique harmonies has earned the respect and love of audiences throughout the US, Canada and Europe for over 30 years. They are unique in their ability to entertain audiences of any age and background as they blend their talents as singers, songwriters, educators, interpreters of history and cultural advocates.


Listener requests welcome and encouraged, please post below.

All times are eastern USA.

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